Rig Supplies including consumable, spare part, Safety & PPE, medical, welding work, painting work, for OILFIELD & INDUSTRIAL FIELD


         We strived to get anything our customers needed at any length, which holds true today! With the alliances we have built over the years, we can supply your location, platform or rig with just about anything you might require locally the same day or have it here within a day or two and we will get it at the best possible price for you, while delivering it to your location onshore or offshore.

          Our global supply and import company offering high quality products to industrials field and oil and gas industries companies needing supplies for rig supplies, steel supplies, consumable supplies, safety equipment (PPE) supplies, medical supplies, tool and equipment supplies, and everything you need in oil and gas industries. With our reasonable price, a selection of requirements and quick delivery, we will be a part of your supply chain



 Measuring Instrument

 Collar Tool and Equipment and Lathe machine

Vehicle for rent